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About HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award 2019

Organised by HSBC Commercial Banking and Hong Kong Economic Times (“HKET”), the HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award (the “Award”) was first launched in 2018 to recognise Hong Kong businesses which have broadened their horizons to achieve ground-breaking success through innovation and technology. Entering its second year, the Award aims to inspire and encourage local SMEs and startups to embrace creativity and technology in building new and sustainable business models, elevating their competitiveness in the market, and driving prosperous long-term growth.


  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship and continuous innovation across businesses.
  • Recognise the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong SMEs and startups in embracing technology; adopting innovative business models, products and/or services; or achieving technological breakthroughs.
  • Encourage the use of technology and innovation for new business development.

Award Categories

  • "Innovative SME" includes Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Winners will receive prizes up to HK$500,000 worth of advertisements on HKET
  • "Innovative Startup" includes Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Winners will receive total cash prize up to HK$500,000

Award Brochure

Judging Criteria

All submissions will be assessed based on 4 criteria: Degree of innovation, Application of technology, Market positioning and competitive edge, and Commercial viability.

Application Form

Submission deadline extends to:
31 July 2019 (Wednesday), 6pm